Saturday March 23rd  -  York University, Toronto





  • :All teams in the University, College and High School Divisions must be an officially recognized school dance team or club by their home school.
  • Each team can enter a maximum of two group routines per category (excluding the showcase).

  • Universities and Colleges with different campuses can have a separate team enter from each official campus.

  • All participants in the University Division and College Division must be a current student of the School they are representing.

  • There will be three group categories in each division that are eligible for overall awards (University and College); Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical and Hip Hop/Street Style.  The High School and Recreation Divisions are an Open Category for this year.

  • JAZZ –  incorporates stylized dance movements, combinations and formation changes, groups work, leaps and turns. Emphasis is placed on proper execution, extension, control, body placement and team uniformity.

  • HIP-HOP – routines should include street style movements with an emphasis on execution, style, creativity, body isolations and control. The uniformity of all movement throughout the performance should complement the beats and rhythm of the music.

  • CONTEMPORARY – incorporates strong ballet fundamentals with modern techniques, utilizing strength, flexibility, alignment, breath, contraction, suspension and tension while emphasizing artistic expression and unique choreography.



  • The judges for the competition will be appointed at the sole discretion of the Canadian Varsity Dance Challenge Committee. As the teams make their presentations, the judges will score the teams using a 100 point system. The decision of the judges is final.


QUALIFYING ROUND (Competitive Division)

  • Each team is permitted to submit two routines per category as either small group or large group.
    Small group is 4-9 dancers, large group is 10 or more dancers.
  • The top two scoring group routines from each team will be added together for the qualifying score.  The top 6 scoring teams will proceed to the FINAL ROUND



  • The top 6 teams compete for the overall top three standings.  Overall scores are calculated by combining the qualifying and final round scores for their final round routine.

  • Top three teams OVERALL will be awarded Canadian Varsity Dance Challenge TOP Winners.  The highest scoring team will be crowned the CVDC champion and receive $1000 cash and trophy!  The second highest routine will receive a $500 cash prize and the third highest routine will receive $250.  Many other awards will also be given out including $100 for category winners (from the qualifying round), solo awards and judges awards.



  • Choreography should be appropriate for all audience members. Vulgar or suggestive choreography implying something improper or indecent, appearing offensive or sexual in content will result in penalty.

  • Suggestive, offensive, or vulgar music that is inappropriate for family audiences will result in penalty.

  • All music must be submitted by email in MP3 format. Please bring a back up CD.

  • All music for all choreography/routines must be no longer than 4 minutes in length, maximum.  Timing will begin with the first note of the music and end with the last note of the music or the last movement, whichever is last.

  • Each team must have a coach/captain representative responsible for bringing the music to the appropriate person in charge.

  • In order to keep the competition on time, teams must enter the performance floor as quickly as possible. Teams will have limited time to enter the floor and start their routine.



  • All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout the competition with positive presentation upon entry and exit from the performance area as well as throughout the routine. The coaches/captains of each team are responsible for seeing that team members and other persons affiliated with the team conduct themselves accordingly. Severe cases of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for disqualification.



We have a unique element to this competition.  A showcase component has been added to break up the day between the preliminary and final rounds of the competition.  Schools will be able to submit entries for the showcase, on a first come first serve basis in an open category for the groups.


The solo showcase will be broken up throughout the competition.  Each team can enter a maximum of 5 solos per category.  This is to ensure a smooth and focused competition.  Teams should enter the best solos that they have produced.


The fee for entering will be $100, but the winning team will take home 50% of the money raised for the showcase – up to a possible $500 cash prize!  The routines do not have to fall within the three categories of the divisions for the competition and the winner will be chosen based 50% on the judges scores and 50% from online voting for 3 days after the competition (once the videos are uploaded).  Therefore, entertainment value for the audience becomes the focus of the showcase which is a nice change from the technical focus on the competitive routines.  Group showcase entries are 2 people or more.

We look forward to getting your entry information.  Please let me know if you require any further information.


To register, download, complete and submit the following form via email to registration [at] varsitydancecanada [dot] com



right click, save as.


  • Paypal secure online payment on the York Dance Team website.  You do not need a Paypal account to do this
  • (preferred) Email transfer through online banking from most major banks to info@varsitydancecanada.com
  • If you would like to pay by cheque, please contact us for more information
  • All payments are FINAL.  Regretfully we cannot refund registration fees
  • Payments must be made in full at least 2 weeks prior to the competition



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