George Andrew is originally from Salford in the North West of England and initially

developed a fascination for records & music after being given a transistor radio

for a Christmas present at the age of 12! Listening to late night pop & pirate radio

stations opened up an amazing universe of recorded & live music and this inspired

George to want to be a deejay when he grew up!!

At the age of seventeen, George was given an audition by BBC Radio Manchester

and this experience spurred him on to Live DJ and club work in his home town of

Manchester. After knocking on numerous doors he bagged his first City Centre

residency at ‘Yer Father’s Moustache’ at the age of 18!

Over the ensuing years George was to play many clubs in and around Manchester

[including Sgt Peppers, Tramtracks, Tiffanys, & The Basement]. In 1978 George

invested in mobile equipment and began his serious foray into private functions,

corporate clients and freelance bookings with his own Disc Jockey Service. The

bookings started to fill up his diary and he featured on a showcase on 208 Radio

Luxembourg and he was alsospinning the tunes at the legendary Manchester Belle

Vue Speedway Stadium.

By the early eighties George had become a full time Disc Jockey and joined Arndale

Radio. The radio work enabled him to combine his DJ bookings with copywriting

which had been his daytime occupation.

And then in 1987 George was given the opportunity to come to …



George and the RCMP!












Washed up on the shores of Lake Ontario in the summer of 1987 – George found his

feet in the DJ world of Toronto with a couple of agencies and in the September of

that year was given the position of resident DJ at Sparkles at the top of the CN




CNTower Passes











CNTower Sparkles Pass










The relationship with the CN Tower was to continue for the next 10 years as

Sparkles became Horizons in 1992 – but within that time frame George was involved

with part time broadcast work with 1570 CFOR in Orillia and also embarking on

what was to be a 14 year run with the charter cruise boats in Toronto Harbour. In

addition to all his regular commitments, the burgeoning amount of bookings with

his client roster [The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Wayne Gretzky’s / Studio 99,

The Art Gallery Of Ontario. Metropolitan Hotel, Mississauga Golf & Country Club,

Delotte & Touche, Maple Foods, Single Professional Network, Burger King, Single

Professional Network, Burger King, were all regular clients to name just a few!]

which heralded the forming of Go Ahead Disc Jockeys .

In the Fall of 2005 George moved to Peterborough and the following seven years

included bookings in some of the more northerly locations that included The Sir

William Mackenzie Inn, Trent University, venues in Lakefield, Lindsay,

Douro-Dummer and even playing as far north as Maynooth!! During this time George

continued playing his regular weekly bar gig residencies in Durham.

But as George says “All that goes up … must come down … and so a return to the

GTA in the late summer of 2012 was always on the cards! Plus – it’s nice to have the

401 at the bottom of our street again!” :{D


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