First Competition Results

coach • 10 March 2014 • Uncategorized

Thank You to all who attended to support our girls this weekend in Guelph for the  Terpsichore University Dance Challenge, we couldn’t be more thankful for all your support. Also thank you to our dancers for all your hard work this weekend! Couldn’t be more proud of all of you! Terpsichore University Dance Challenge was a competition against 23 teams representing some of the local university schools (Guelph, University of Toronto, UOIT)  Scoring resulted in High Excellence, Superior, Outstanding.

Here are our results from the weekend:

Viola- Acro Soloist- *Superior

Walk It Off- Contemporary Soloist- *Superior

Kissing You- Contemporary Soloist- *Outstanding- 9th Overall Soloist

No-one Knows Who We Are- Contemporary Soloist- *Outstanding

I Can’t Make You Love Me- Contemporary Soloist- *Outstanding

Standing In The Dark- Contemporary Soloist- *Outstanding

All Of Me- Contemporary Soloist- *High Excellence

Love On Top- Open Soloist- *Outstanding

Composed- Ballet Soloist- *Superior

Where Does The Good Go- Contemporary Duet- *Superior

Medicine- Contemporary Duet- *Outstanding

Dirty Paws- Acro Duet- *Outstanding

Toast To Good-Bye- Hip Hop Small Group- *Outstanding

Edge Of Glory- Contemporary Quartet- *Outstanding

In The End- Contemporary Large Group- *Outstanding- Special Award for Choreography

Reign- Jazz Extended Line- *Outstanding

Over The Love- Contemporary Extended Line- *Outstanding

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